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Reloading Tips:

Inceptor Ammunition uses injection molded to create projectiles that are an innovation in bullet design, composition, and manufacture. These projectiles are great for self-defense and training; intermediate barrier-blind, and frangible on hardened steel. Since Copper/Polymer projectiles have the possibility to fracture under stress, a proper loading procedure should be followed to avoid fracturing.

Adjusting the Bell/Flare/Expander Die:

The die should be set in a manner that the case mouth is belled/flared just enough to allow the bullet to lead in correctly.

Seating the bullet:

Inceptor projectiles are compatible with standard seating dies. If bullet shaving is occurring, more bell/flare is needed. Always use suggested Cartridge Overall Length when loading.

Crimping the Cartridge:

Always use a taper crimp die. Very little crimp is needed with these projectiles. The goal is to bring the case back to straight. We suggest using a L.E. Wilson, Lyman, or Dillon Precision case gauges to verify proper dimension after crimping. If the case appears to roll in, that is too much crimp. Click for bullet crimp comparison.

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