Inceptor Preferred Hunting


Our mission is simple: leverage the latest technologies to create the next generation of defense, training and hunting ammunition with tried and true performance. We accomplished this mission with the introduction of our Inceptor® Preferred Hunting line, featuring the patent-pending Inceptor ARX® projectile. This non-expanding projectile is light, fast and has low recoil while retaining a flat trajectory. Its fluted design ensures exceptional reliability and terminal performance while diminishing the possibility of over-penetration.  At Inceptor, we want to change everything you know about ammo.

ARX® bullets are engineered for hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer to targets..

ARX® design pressurizes and ejects fluid target matter. A bullet traveling at 1400 FPS upon terminal impact will cause fluid matter to eject laterally at 1.5 to 2 times the normal speed of the bullet (2100–2800 FPS). This is the result of the well-known Venturi Effect.

The revolutionary 45 Colt UM1TM ARX® Lever not only brings ARX® hunting to the Lever Action community, but also highlights the unmatched design and manufacturing capabilities of Inceptor through the introduction of three unique patent-pending primer spacers on the ogive of the projectile. These primer spacers prevent ignition of the ammunition in tubular magazines while preserving the fluid disruption and non-expanding performance characteristics unique to the ARX® bullet.


Versions Available

45 COLT Lever Action UM1 ARX®

  • 20 Cartridges
  • 157 gr
  • 1350 fps / 635 ft. lbs.

450 Bushmaster ARX®

  • 20 Cartridges
  • 158 gr
  • 2620 fps / 2409 ft. lbs.


  • 20 Cartridges
  • 200 gr
  • 2250 fps / 2248 ft. lbs.


  • 20 Cartridges
  • 200 gr
  • 2500 fps / 2775 ft. lbs.


  • REVOLUTIONARY HUNTING TECHNOLOGY: From the research and development laboratory, the Inceptor® ARX® is the next-generation of hunting ammunition. Through advanced design and materials science the ARX® uses fluid dynamics and non-expanding surface area instead of expansion to achieve terminal performance.
  • ENGINEERED FLUID DYNAMICS: By design, the enhanced surface area and design of the ARX® exploit the bullet’s forward energy and redirect that energy in the form of hydraulic displacement (hydrostatic shock). This hydraulic displacement creates a wound cavity that rivals that created by expanding bullets.
  • LATERAL FORCE: The ARX® bullet’s hydraulic displacement effect is achieved by the ARX® technology. The ARX® flutes – grooves on the nose of the bullet – have wide mouths and narrow exit points. When combined with the bullet’s forward velocity into soft tissue, the design of the ARX® flutes causes an increase in pressure of the fluid.  As a result, the fluid is laterally ejected from the flutes at a higher velocity than the actual speed of the bullet itself, creating the massive cavitation and wound channels seen in the ARX® gelatin tests.
  • SPECIALLY ENGINEERED PROFILE: Because it has no hollow-point or sharp edges on the nose of the bullet, the ARX® feeds like a round nose, yet retains stopping power and terminal performance that rivals expanding bullets.
  • PRECISE: Injection molded ARX® projectiles deliver exceptional accuracy.
  • HIGH VELOCITY: Achieves higher velocity and higher energy than many other hunting cartridges, yet imparts less recoil for quicker follow up shots.
  • ADVANCED MATERIALS: Performs in a wide range of conditions and weapons systems,
  • CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN: 45 Colt Lever, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM and 50 Beowulf.
  • Patent No.: US 9,841,260 B2